At ServAssure, our dealers are 100% dedicated to the satisfaction of their customers. To accomplish the goal of better serving customers, ServAssure Dealers are committed to perfecting their companies by providing personnel with the latest knowledge in training, technology and installation practices.

ServAssure Dealers provide a 24-Month Money Back Guarantee which is backed by the ServAssure Dealer Alliance’s continuous commitment of exceeding customer expectations.


The ServAssure Dealer concept was originally discussed at an annual Carrier/Peirce-Phelps dealer meeting. At that meeting many of the Peirce-Phelps executives and key Carrier dealers predicted that the heating and air conditioning industry was in for some changes.

With the possibility of large-scale retailers entering the heating and cooling industry, it was decided that independent heating and cooling businesses would not be able to thrive with the competition. It was then decided that the independent heating and air conditioning business was a prime candidate for consolidation, which resulted in independent dealers uniting together. From the consolidation, many utilities entered the business, and in a short amount of time an exploratory group was created to discuss the possibility of forming an alliance amongst these dealers.

The concept was for dealers to remain independent, yet be part of a more powerful network, given the competition presented by large heating and cooling retailers. The initial group met, and over the course of a year, decided on dealer standards, agreements, name, logo etc. The group sponsored many consumer focused interviews to find out exactly what a consumer’s expectations entailed when they purchased a new heating or cooling system, or required service on their existing comfort equipment.

The ServAssure program was established during the spring of 1998 with 10 dealers, and promoted the concept of unmatched customer service, developed training programs for their employees, and elected a governing board. Since then, there has been a significant advancement in the number of dealers who have joined.

The ServAssure goal is to continually search for ways to better serve our customers. As a group we are able to bring together new ideas, upgrade service methods, provide easy to understand product information, offer customer promotions, reach local organizations and offer user-friendly information on our website. We understand that all heating and cooling products and services are connected, and we pledge to be up-to-date with the constantly evolving heating and cooling industry, so that you can always be assured of our highest level of commitment to you.

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