carrier-unitWhen you think of smart technology, chances are that your home’s heating and cooling system does not come to mind. Carrier innovations combine the latest, industry-leading technologies into home comfort systems using Greenspeed™ intelligence. Systems with this innovative Greenspeed™ intelligence allow a special thermostat, called the Infinity control, to communicate with the Carrier Infinity® 98 Gas Furnace or the Carrier Infinity® 20 Heat Pump and take everything it knows about your home comfort preferences and habits, as well as the current outside temperatures, to provide the utmost energy efficient and accurate performance in the industry.

tempAs the outdoor temperature changes, your thermostat communicates with your heating and cooling system to adjust, and ultimately saving energy. Remember that when you save energy, you also save money on costly energy expenses. In fact, the Carrier Infinity® 20 Heat Pump with Greenspeed™ intelligence is 29-69% more energy efficient than the average air source heat pump. Additionally, systems with Greenspeed™ intelligence offer a much quieter operation, offering the “whole package” when it comes to optimal home comfort.

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