Contact your local ServAssure Dealer for exclusive rebates and financing offers on Carrier Performance, Infinity, and Greenspeed systems.

Receive up to $600 in ServAssure Rebates for energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions.
And be sure to ask about our top-of-the-line “IAQ” (Indoor Air Quality) products for a healthy home!

Only Carrier systems sold as a replacement for the homeowner’s existing system or as an add-on to an existing home qualify. No commercial applications, new construction applications or multi-family applications are eligible for this promotion. Funding is limited, and rebates are available while supplies last. All rebates require the use of an Infinity or Carrier-branded control; ask your ServAssure dealer for details. Rebate products are subject to change; see your ServAssure dealer for qualifying products. Only consumers within the continental United States are eligible for this promotion.

save-moneyThe Infinity heat pump system with Greenspeed intelligence is a smart choice for your home!

Standard heat pumps operate at or near their max capacity, no matter the outside temperature. By applying adaptable-speed technology, the Infinity 20 heat pump precisely adjusts to the specific comfort needs of the home. So, it only works as hard as it needs to for the specific situation.

Communication is key
to achieving harmony between efficiency and comfort. In Infinity heat pump systems with Greenspeed intelligence, the adaptable-speed heat pump works with the control to adjust to the precise comfort demands of the home. This way homeowners are only paying for the heating or cooling they need at any given time.

Comfort is not merely measured in degrees. The humidity level has a lot to do with the temperature at which homeowners feel most comfortable.

Infinity heat pump systems with Greenspeed intelligence work to ensure homes have the proper level of dehumidification without overcooling the space. This way, people can be perfectly comfortable in their homes at a higher thermostat setting, which keeps money in their pockets.

*This plan is only available for use with the Spring Greenspeed™ promotion and must comply with those published guidelines. Contact your Carrier Dealer for more details.